White House Messes Up Bruce Braley’s Campaign Again

After First Lady Michelle Obama repeatedly referred to him as Congressman Bruce Bailey and falsely said that he was a Marine veteran, yesterday the White House stepped in it again. As the official White House transcript said that the First Lady spoke at an event for Democratic Candidate for Governor Bruce Braley.

Who can blame the White House, as it was just a few years ago the Associated Pressreported that the ambitious Congressman from Waterloo was mulling a run for governor.

  • In 2011, The Associated Press Reported That Braley Was Positioning Himself To Run For Governor. “U.S. Rep. Bruce Braley’s recent events in the Des Moines area have some wondering if the 1st District congressman is positioning himself for a future race for governor or Senate. Braley, a Democrat first elected in the eastern Iowa district in 2006, said he wants to develop more of a statewide influence. But he noted that his appearances also reflect the fact that after redistricting added new counties to his district, he needs to make use of Des Moines media to reach some of his constituents. ‘Counties like Marshall County and Poweshiek County are served by different media outlets than the ones in eastern Iowa,’ said Braley.” (Mike Glover, “Some See Braley Eyeing Run For Senate, Governor,” The Associated Press, 9/4/11)

White House Messes Up Bruce Braley’s Campaign Again
WHO-TV Des Moines
Dave Price
October 21, 2014

Bruce Braley, Iowa’s Democratic U.S. Senate candidate, can’t seem to catch a break lately from some of those trying to help him. Tuesday, a transcript from the White House following First Lady Michelle Obama’s second campaign stop in two weeks in Iowa for Braley provided the latest blunder.

Mrs. Obama held a rally in Iowa City Tuesday. The White House sent out the official transcript of the first lady’s remarks following her visit. It was headlined, “Remarks by the First Lady at a Grassroots Campaign Event with Democratic Candidate for Governor Bruce Braley.”

Again, Braley is running for the U.S. Senate, not governor.

The White House sent out a corrected version later, which fixed the inadvertent slip-up.

This follows Mrs. Obama’s first campaign rally for Braley in Des Moines earlier this month when she referred to the congressman as Bruce “Bailey” seven times before the audience corrected her.

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