Fiscally Irresponsible Congressman Braley Failed To Pay Rent On Washington Home

DES MOINES – After arriving in Washington, one of the first things Congressman Braley did was fail to pay his rent on his new apartment.  According to court documents, Braley failed to pay rent and was promptly taken to court by his landlord.

“Congressman Braley is so irresponsible that he failed to pay his rent for his fancy apartment in Washington after he moved in,” said Republican Party of Iowa spokesman Jahan Wilcox.  “If Braley can’t even pay his own bills, then how can we trust him with our country’s checkbook?”


According To D.C. Court Records, Friedman Real Estate Sued Bruce Braley In 2007 For $1,500 In Delinquent Rent And $100 In Late Fees. (Washington D.C. Superior Court, Case #2007-LTB-022392, Filed July 12, 2007)