RELEASE: Symbol and Enabler of Federal Dysfunction Visits Iowa


January 14, 2014

DES MOINES – Barack Obama, symbol of the federal government’s dysfunction, Democratic activist, and President of the United States, will visit Cedar Falls later today on a final national stop before his State of the Union address on Jan. 20.

The President will be talking about the importance of broadband internet access in the United States.

“We’re happy that the President recognizes, like Governor Branstad, how important internet connectivity can be to economic development,” Chairman Jeff Kaufmann said. “We only wish he had Governor Branstad’s fiscal discipline, budgetary acumen, foresight, and bipartisan nature too.”

The Chairman also took time to laud Iowa’s new Congressional delegation, which includes Senator Joni Ernst, Congressman Rod Blum (IA-1) and Congressman David Young (IA-3).

“While President Obama is importing his divisive and destructive politics to Iowa, our Congressional delegation is working to bring Iowa Nice to Washington. We’re proud of the work they’ve done already, and hope the President will learn a thing or two from their example,” Chairman Kaufmann said.


Des Moines Register: 5 priorities from Branstad’s Condition of the State speech

High-speed internet: The governor has a new plan for expanding broadband internet in rural Iowa this year that focuses on state grants to providers. Last year, lawmakers couldn’t agree on a plan offering tax credits.

“Our Connect Every Acre plan focuses on providing more broadband to rural Iowa and encourages service providers to build out networks not just to the ending point, but to the rural communities in between,” Branstad said.

Bloomberg: Obama to Tout Fast Web Access in Iowa Town That’s Wired Everyone

President Barack Obama, touching on a theme of Internet access ahead of next week’s State of the Union address, will travel to Cedar Falls, Iowa, where almost everyone can get lightning-fast broadband.

Obama on Wednesday will visit Cedar Falls Utilities, which has extended fiber lines capable of high Internet speeds to all local residences and businesses, Mayor Jon Crews said.