Monica Vernon, Fresh Off 22-point Loss, Jumps Into New Race

DES MOINES – Monica Vernon, an integral part of Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds’ historic election night victory, announced plans today to run for the First District Congressional seat.

Statement from Charlie Szold, Communications Director: “Monica Vernon was an integral part of Governor Branstad’s incredible victory last November. Without her support for out-of-touch policies that would raise taxes and kill job growth, the Governor might not have been able to win 98 out of 99 counties. In 2014 Iowans saw right through her cynical stunt to switch parties for political gain and they won’t forget it now.”


Jack Hatch, Monica Vernon Lose 2014 Iowa Governor Race by 21.8%

Governor Branstad’s campaign: The Hatch-Vernon Plan: A Tax on a Tax

“Jack Hatch is proposing a massive tax increase that will affect all tax brackets,” said Branstad-Reynolds Campaign Manager Jake Ketzner. “The idea of scrapping federal deductibility is a tired idea that is wildly unpopular with Iowans. Governor Branstad and Lieutenant Governor Reynolds have worked tirelessly to reduce the tax burden for Iowans, allowing them to keep more of their money and provide for their families. Unfortunately, under Jack Hatch’s tax plan, Iowans will be sending more of their hard-earned money to Des Moines instead of investing it in their communities. Pucker up, Iowans – if Jack Hatch gets his way you can kiss your hard-earned money away.”