RELEASE: Chairman Kaufmann and Co-Chair Hoefert Comment on Gov. Branstad’s Inauguration

DES MOINES – Chairman Jeff Kaufmann and Co-Chairman Cody Hoefert offered Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds their congratulations and prayers on today’s inauguration.

Chairman Kaufmann: “For two decades Iowans have relied on Governor Branstad to guide this state toward even greater prosperity. His hard work has given Iowans a more efficient state government, lower taxes, and greater economic opportunities. Governor Branstad and Lt. Governor Reynolds have earned our trust, and it is my honor to wish them well as they continue their tireless service to Iowa.

Co-Chair Hoefert: “In November the voters of Iowa enthusiastically elected Governor Branstad to his historic sixth term. His leadership and vision have helped shape Iowa into the vibrant and prosperous community it is today, and I offer my thoughts and prayers to the Governor and Lt. Governor Reynolds as they embark on their second term together.”