RELEASE: Monica Vernon’s #Shorter Answers

DES MOINES – Monica Vernon unveiled her bold new campaign strategy — and insulted Iowans — this weekend during an interview on WHO’s “The Insiders.”

“I think sometimes we’ve made it too difficult for people to understand and I think it’s real important to continue to communicate,” Vernon said, as she attempted to explain her twin defeats in 2014. “I think we have to make our answers a little more clear, a little shorter, and inspirational.”

We took the time to come up with some #shorter answers Vernon can use on the stump. These are very clear and shouldn’t confuse ordinary Iowans who, according to Vernon, aren’t able to understand complicated concepts.

  • Obamacare works #shorter
  • I will empower President Obama’s radical agenda #shorter
  • The Constitution isn’t binding #shorter
  • $18 trillion in debt isn’t enough #shorter
  • More taxes, slower growth #shorter
  • The world is better off when the U.S. leads from behind #shorter
  • We need more federal bureaucracy #shorter
  • Federal Dollars for Planned Parenthood #shorter
  • Government intervention in free markets #shorter
  • Common Core works #shorter
  • Tax the rich #shorter
  • Tax the middle class #shorter
  • Tax the poor #shorter

Statement from Charlie Szold, Communications Director: “Monica Vernon has proven through actions and words that she thinks she’s smarter than Iowans. She thought they would forget how she opportunistically switched political parties. They didn’t. She thought they wouldn’t notice that she spent $300,000 of her own money to try and buy the Democratic Party’s nomination in 2014. They noticed. She thought they wouldn’t see her arrogance toward Iowa voters. They saw. Vernon isn’t smarter than Iowans. She’s just more cravenly ambitious.”


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