Where’s Hillary? Biden Visit Highlights Heir Apparent’s Absence


DES MOINES – As Vice President Biden prepares for his first trip of the year to the Hawkeye State, one big question remains … Where is Hillary Clinton?

The Republican Party is in the beginning stages of one of the most competitive presidential nomination contests in history, showcasing strong conservative candidates with a wealth of experiences and backgrounds. Iowa has already hosted one national media event and many candidates have stopped in for individual meet and greets with Iowa voters.

Hillary has been absent through it all, unwilling to even appear on U.S. soil.

Quick facts

  • Days since Hillary’s last press conference: 203
  • Days since she’s done an interview: 185
  • Days since she’s been in Iowa: 104

Statement from Chairman Kaufmann: “Hillary Clinton has never had a warm relationship with Iowa voters, which might explain why she is hiding from them now. It’s been months since Hillary has taken a question that wasn’t vetted by her professional handlers. It’s been nearly four months since she’s met an actual Iowa voter. It’s time for Hillary to stop hiding and start proving whether she has anything new to say since her disastrous defeat in 2008.”