Iowa GOP Urges Senate to Take Up Gun Bill

DES MOINES – Chairman Jeff Kaufmann praised the Iowa House of Representatives for passing HF 527, which significantly expands Second Amendment rights in Iowa.
Statement from Chairman Jeff Kaufmann: “This bill sends a strong signal that our legislature is serious about expanding and protecting Second Amendment rights here in Iowa.

I thank all the bipartisan supporters in the Iowa House, bill manager Speaker Pro Tem Windschitl, the NRA, the Iowa Firearms Coalition, and the numerous other groups promoting this legislation.

I also want to address the Iowa Gun Owners, an organization whose leadership has consistently stood in the way of good gun legislation in the name of unattainable purity. It appears they are attempting to take some credit for this bill’s passage through the House, but I assure you that this couldn’t be further from the truth. The leadership of the Iowa Gun Owners, and their Director Aaron Dorr, have little standing in the State House, have marginalized themselves with all but a few supporters, and have no right to claim any part of future victories for the Second Amendment.

I urge the Senate to take this bipartisan bill up as soon as practical and pass it. “