RELEASE: Questions for Hillary Clinton

Chairman Jeff Kaufmann: “Hillary Clinton still refuses to answer simple questions about her unseemly financial dealings, secret email server, or disastrous foreign policy. Polls show Iowans already find Clinton untrustworthy and her actions have confirmed their suspicions.”

Questions for Hillary Clinton have multiplied since she announced she was running for president in April:

1) How can someone who has been a D.C. insider for decades bring the fresh perspective we so desperately need in Washington?

2) How are Iowans supposed to trust you when your decades in D.C. have been marked with endless scandal and controversy?

3) How can we trust you when your Foundation currently accepts millions from foreign governments and did so during your tenure as Secretary of State?

4) How can we trust you when the Clinton Foundation routinely ignored rules requiring it to disclose foreign donations when you served as Secretary of State?

5) How can we trust you when, as Secretary of State, you put national security at risk by keeping a secret email server and deleted 30,000 emails to avoid public release?

6) How can we trust you with America’s foreign policy when the decisions you made have led to a more dangerous and unstable world?

7) How can Iowans trust you when you say you want to get dark money out of politics but use your Foundation as a “slush fund”?

8) How can Iowans trust you to make hard decisions as president when you ducked the first major policy question of your campaign: authorization of the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

9) How can Iowans trust you when it’s been shown again, and again, and again that you can’t tell the truth about even the simplest things?

10) How can we trust that you have nothing to hide when you’ve refused to take even simple questions from the media regarding your long history of scandal and deceit?