RELEASE: Chairman Jeff Kaufmann’s Statement on Hillary Clinton’s Recent Iowa Stop

Des Moines- Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement regarding Hillary Clinton’s recent trip to Iowa:

“Hillary Clinton had an opportunity to share her vision with Iowans today, but instead she showed up an hour late, only spoke for twenty minutes, and didn’t provide any details on her ‘plan’ to get America back to work. Hillary Clinton can’t say how she’s going to pay for her proposed massive $2 trillion spending increase. Her planned tax hikes fall far short of paying for all of her proposed new spending and will increase the national debt by over a trillion dollars while hurting economic growth, killing 300,000 jobs, and lowering wages for all Americans in the process. The American people have had enough of failed status quo policies which have left them less hopeful for our country’s future. They have had enough of serially dishonest, corrupt, and self-interested career politicians like the Clintons.”