90 Days Until The Primary: Same Song and Dance From Iowa Democrats

Des Moines, IA – Today marks 90 days until the Democrats’ primary for Governor – and they’re nowhere closer to finding a positive message for November. Whether it’s their continued race to the far left, a candidate’s plan best summed up as warmed over, voter-rejected ideas, or an out of touch campaign that’s been reduced to poll-tested double speak, the trial and error of the past few months should leave Democrats very concerned.

“Democrats are reeling as they attempt to find the soul of their party – but in doing so, they’ve resorted to talking points that have been rejected by voters or conveniently ignoring anything positive happening in the state,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “It’s like a bad, homemade version of ‘Groundhog Day’ – Democrats wake up every morning pushing different versions of the same plan: a government mandated $15 minimum wage, socialized medicine, and increased taxes for all Iowans.”

Let’s take a closer look at the problems for Democrats:

Des Moines Trial Lawyer Nate Boulton: Boulton’s campaign claims to be “running” on a new vision for Iowa – but the ploy is ironic: Boulton is running backwards to undo all of the Republican successes in the state. He’s out of ideas, and the only thing he’s standing on are his taxpayer funded campaign stunts in the Senate. Boulton did release his own backwards “plan” for Iowa – but it’s an attack on taxpayers, local governments, and the progress we’ve made.

Sir Frederick Hubbell: As a self-described “progressive,” Fred Hubbell isn’t shying away from his liberal leanings. But Hubbell’s living in his own bubble – he’s so terrified of interacting with the general public that he’s skipping grassroots forums, can’t even figure out where he stands on the issues, and is already spending thousands of dollars to clean up his self-inflicted wounds. With national Democrats avoiding Iowa thus far, Hubbell has made one thing clear: instead of facing the voters, he’d rather attempt to buy the race outright.

Union Boss Cathy Glasson: Glasson is leading the party’s charge to the left, trading in her Stronger Together bumper stickers for towering “Feel the Bern” posters. She’s embraced Bernie Sanders’ “radical” agenda – and the majority of her funding comes from out of state labor bosses more interested in their own political power than in putting Iowans first. Glasson’s first plank centers around implementing her own version of socialized healthcare in the state – in other words, an extreme plan that she admits would raise taxes by $12 billion on Iowans. While she has the support of the Bernie trifecta, she’s still hasn’t secured Bernie’s endorsement – perhaps a recognition that faking it ‘til you make it isn’t a concrete electoral strategy.

Whether it’s attacks on Republican progress or deafening radio silence on Iowa’s good news, Democrats are left with nothing but a “plan” to take us backward.