Nate Has Nowhere to Go on Healthcare

Des Moines, IA – One Note Nate Boulton’s “plan” for Iowa consists of nothing more than “resisting” or tearing down Republican progress – and now he’s taken another “bold” step backward: Boulton voted against a healthcare plan for rural Iowans, and he’s not even offering his own solution.

This week, the Iowa Senate voted in bipartisan fashion to pass a bill that would provide rural Iowans with more affordable healthcare options outside of the failed, unaffordable Obamacare plans. But Boulton’s campaign is so reliant on “resisting” that he opposed this positive step forward for the state’s healthcare market. The “resist” cherry on top: Boulton’s offered no plans of his own – the only major Democrat in the race not to back one version or another of socialized medicine.

Boulton claims to be running on being a champion of healthcare, but it’s a tricky place to be for a candidate when you dodge the question on what exactly you’d do for the state. For someone who wills themselves as “the new generation of leadership Iowa needs,”, the lack of leadership should trouble Democrats.

“Boulton’s actions in the Senate have been characterized by burning down the bridges of progress and not offering any ideas on where to go next,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Maybe it’s because Boulton is afraid to tread too closely to Cathy Glasson’s $12 billion universal healthcare plan? Boulton’s dancing around one of Iowa’s most important issues as his lack of vision for the state become clearer by the day – and it’s a strategy that will quickly get old in the eyes of Iowans.”