ICYMI: Cathy Glasson’s Campaign Becomes the First in Iowa to Unionize; Are Iowa Democrats Following Suit?

Des Moines – Today, Cathy Glasson announced that her campaign will be the first to unionize in Iowa. For weeks, RPI has been calling on Democrats to put their money where their mouth is – if they’re going to place collective bargaining front and center in their campaigns, it’s only fair that they should lead by example and extend collective bargaining benefits to their employees.

We’re glad to see that Glasson is leading by example in the far left primary and keeping her promises. With Glasson now setting the standard – will the rest of the Democrats agree to do the same and unionize their own campaigns? Or will they show Iowans that they’re all talk, no action?

From the Cedar Rapids Gazette
“Glasson gubernatorial campaign staff is first in Iowa to unionize”
April 11, 2018

Des Moines, IA – Democrat Cathy Glasson bills herself as the “bold progressive” in the race for her party’s nomination for governor.

That includes recognizing her campaign staff’s decision to unionize.

The staff voted unanimously Monday to join the Campaign Workers Guild, a union that represents the interests of political campaign workers across the country.

The Glasson campaign is the first in Iowa and just the second gubernatorial campaign in the nation to unionize.

“A union no matter where you work isn’t just something we say in TV commercials,” said Glasson, president of SEIU Local 199 representing thousands of nurses, health care workers and school support employees across Iowa. “It’s a real value we’re living and breathing every day.”

Glasson, a registered nurse who led the effort to unionize at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics 18 years ago, said she agreed “on the spot” when the Cedar Rapids-based staff approached her with its plan to join the union.

“I’m honored to recognize the Campaign Workers Guild and proud that every one of our front-line workers has joined the union,” the 59-year-old nurse said.

According to a campaign announcement, the Glasson campaign’s full-time staff already received full health care coverage and was among the best paid in the state.

As a result of the new contract, part-time campaign staff also will receive full health care benefits. Glasson’s campaign workers also bargained for a salary increase for field staff, an increase in campaign expense stipends and an increase in reimbursements.

“We’ve had a fair wage and full benefits from day one,” said executive assistant Katie Wilson. “But the campaign is truly putting its money where its mouth is. We have a union on the job now, and we were able to collectively bargain for even better treatment for all our workers.”

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