RPI Statement on the First Democrat Primary Debate

Wilton, IA – Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement on the Democrats’ first primary debate tonight:

“What you heard tonight from Democrats was a sounding-off of the same old and tired ideas that have been rejected at the ballot box. Democrats hate the fact that Republicans are running on a positive agenda and they’re obsessed with tearing it all down. That obsession means Democrats aren’t offering Iowans a positive vision or a plan to build a better Iowa. In stark contrast, Republicans aren’t scared to talk about why we’re the number one state in the country and what we’re doing to build an even better Iowa.

“What you didn’t hear tonight: will Democrats repeal the tax cuts they hate? Will Democrats come clean on their plans to raise taxes on everyday Iowans for their big government fantasies?

“While Democrats jockey to run as Sir Frederick Hubbell’s running mate, we’re continuing to present our case to voters about our positive vision for the state as we elect Governor Kim Reynolds and Republicans up and down the ticket this November.”