Democrats in IA-01 Criticize Abby Finkenauer’s Ties to the DCCC

Des Moines, IA – Pelosi Puppet Abby Finkenauer’s time in the IA-01 primary has been defined by skipping forums while courting the DC elite. She won’t say it, but we know exactly where Finkenauer would side if elected: alongside the old guard and Nancy Pelosi’s lingering reign that she refuses to give up.

While it must be nice reaping the benefits of the DC money machine, Finkenauer was mistaken if she believed her Democrat opponents wouldn’t take notice. At a forum in Waterloo on Friday night, three out of the four Democrats running in IA-01 criticized the DCCC’s influence in primaries and their attempts to push other candidates out. One can probably guess who the only Democrat was that didn’t raise an issue…

Not only did the Democrats running criticize the agenda of the DCCC, but they were quick to call out Finkenauer’s allegiance to them. Finkenauer has embraced what’s become the crux of the problems for Democrat primaries across the country – the DCCC’s practice of favoritism – and she refused to denounce them. This is a serious problem for Finkenauer: Democrats AND Republicans agree Finkenauer’s loyalties lie with tone-deaf DC Democrats instead of Eastern Iowa.

“It’s very telling that Abby Finkenauer was the only Democrat not to criticize the DCCC’s troubling practice of playing primary favorites – it’s because she’s DC’s choice,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “There’s a reason Nancy Pelosi gave her a shoutout when she was in Iowa: make no mistake, Finkenauer’s omission is another reminder she’s acting on behalf of DC Democrats instead of everyday Iowans. If she can’t be honest in a room of Democrat activists, how can northeast Iowans expect her to be honest with them in Congress? If Democrats can’t overcome DC’s influence in the primary, Republicans stand ready to defeat Finkenauer in the fall.”