Fred Hubbell and Nate Boulton Can’t Be Trusted on Taxes

Des Moines, IA – This year, Iowa Republicans passed a historic tax reform package to modernize Iowa’s tax code. The legislation simplifies Iowa’s code, resulting in lower tax rates across the board for hardworking Iowans. To no one’s surprise, Democrats running for Governor, in keeping with their turn back the clock mentality, have drawn a hard line against tax cuts – just like the DC liberals they take guidance from. While Nancy Pelosi has the courage to admit she’ll raise taxes, Fred Hubbell and Nate Boulton prefer to avoid the question.

Both Hubbell and Boulton met with the Des Moines Register’s editorial board last week, and were more than eager to oppose the tax cuts recently passed in the legislature. We get it – why would they return money to taxpayers when they can use it to fuel their big government fantasy? But when pressed, both candidates shied away from repealing the tax cuts. So we’re clear: they hate the Republican tax cuts, but won’t commit to repealing them.

This is the latest song and dance Democrats are performing to try and hide the ball from voters. They’re happy to take Nancy Pelosi’s money, but would rather skip the photo op. They’re happy to have Tom Steyer spend millions on TV riling up the Democrat base, but would rather not be caught in the room with him. Their need to repeal Republican progress and grow the size of government means they’d need to raise taxes – but they’re not going to say that to voters.

“The Democrats’ dance around the tax issue flies in the face of being upfront with hard working Iowa taxpayers,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Hubbell and Boulton would like to keep their liberal supporters happy by railing against the Republican tax cuts and proposing big government programs without disclosing the truth – that their agenda requires raising taxes.”