Will Democrats Finally Pop the Hubbell Bubble?

Des Moines, IA – As Democrats head into their second of three debates tonight in Johnston, the question remains: we know they’ve memorized DC’s talking points, but will Democrats finally draw a clear contrast? Frontrunner Fred Hubbell’s acted spineless trying to hone in on his message-tested positions on taxes, unions, and healthcare – but his opponents have rewarded him with nothing but utter silence.

The big question to watch for tonight will be how Democrats handle Sir Frederick Hubbell’s hold on the primary. During the first debate, Hubbell was thrilled to go unchallenged – despite his strange proclamations: that he’s a staunch union supporter (though he’s called them “corrupt”) and a staunch voice against the Republican tax cuts (though he won’t commit to repealing them).

Fred’s far left of center – but will Democrats make him earn the nomination and finally fight back against the millions Hubbell’s already spent on the airwaves? Should these Democrats fail to keep Hubbell honest, they may end up with yet another wealthy, entitled liberal with a recognizable name coasting through the primary. We’ll see if Boulton, Glasson, Norris and the rest of the field are interested in running for Governor tonight – or if they’re all just jockeying to be Hubbell’s running mate.