Abby Can’t Hide From Her DC Ties

Abby Finkenauer won the Democrat primary in IA-01 – despite her disdain for grassroots campaigning. What’s her plan for the general? Finkenauer spent a quarter of a million dollars after raising a ton of money from the Hollywood and DC liberal elite. Finkenauer’s obsession with DC tells Eastern Iowans all they need to know: Finkenauer won’t be a champion for Iowa values.

“Abby Finkenauer’s campaign has been focused on keeping DC elites happy – at the cost of ignoring Eastern Iowa,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “How is Finkenauer going to connect with Eastern Iowans when she’s committed to running the same campaign DC elites have run in the last two campaign cycles? We know exactly where Finkenauer would stand if elected, and it won’t be with the voters of her district.”

Here’s how Finkenauer ignores Eastern Iowa, at the request of her DC benefactors:

Skipping Forums 

Finkenauer made it a hobby of skipping out on several major forums throughout the primary, which didn’t go unnoticed by fellow Democrats: she missed a forum in Cedar Rapids, skipped out on a well-attended Eastern Iowa forum in favor of a small event with her supporters, and missed the only candidate forum in Dubuque. She received heavy criticism from her opponents, who labeled one absence as “a continuation of how she has failed to campaign throughout this cycle.” Because Finkenauer had a line of support coming from the DCCC – who have played favorites throughout this cycle – maybe she didn’t feel it was necessary?

Focused on DC Support Rather Than the Grassroots

Finkenauer’s strategy was clear: focus on DC rather than the grassroots. After getting an endorsement from EMILY’s List and being named to the DCCC’s “Red to Blue” program, Finkenauer spent time courting the DC elite. She was even the only Iowa Democrat running this year to receive a personal donation from Nancy Pelosi herself – just don’t ask if she’ll support Pelosi in Congress. Instead of making the grassroots paramount, Finkenauer did the opposite – and even refused to deny herself PAC money while she hypocritically stumps to “get money out of politics.” 

Fueled by Out-Of-State Cash and DC Talking Points

There’s a reason why Finkenauer was the only candidate who received a personal shoutout from Pelosi when she visited – and the only Democrat not to criticize the DCCC. Finkenauer was handpicked by out-of-state Democrats on the east and westcoasts. Finkenauer is by far the biggest recipient of out-of-state money in the race, and when asked about the haul she’s brought in, she shrugged it off, saying the money would have no “bearing on her vote if she makes it to the House.” But after looking at how she’s run her campaign, voters would be hard pressed to believe her…