Rod Blum Puts IA-01 First and Delivers On Flood Funding for Cedar Rapids

Last week it was announced that the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers would award Cedar Rapids $117 million in a long-overdue federal funding grant. Congressman Rod Blum was critical to securing the funding, and has worked tirelessly alongside Senator Grassley, Senator Ernst, and local officials to get it done.

Since he’s been elected to Congress, Blum has consistently worked to secure federal funding for Cedar Rapids. He’s introduced amendments and other measures that would help curb the delays and red tape that have plagued the Army Corps of Engineers.

Blum understands the need for leadership that puts the citizens of his district first, but his opponent Abby Finkenauer is only interested in what gets her elected to DC – after all, she’s been busy raising money on the East and West Coast, and is bankrolled by elite Democrats.

Finkenauer was eager to play politics last month on funding for the flood wall. But even more telling is Finkenauer’s response after the announcement, where she decided to talk past the issue. Where Democrats like Bruce Braley and Dave Loebsack weren’t able to secure flood funding – even with a Democrat in the White House and a supermajority immediately following the floods – Blum was able to work together with fellow Iowa leaders to move past government impasse and secure the funding.

“Rod Blum has continued to work tirelessly for the voters of Eastern Iowa, with one goal in mind: make government more efficient to actually work in favor of taxpayers,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “While Blum was hard at work securing flood funding for Cedar Rapids, Finkenauer chose to play politics. Thanks to Blum’s leadership – and no thanks to Finkenauer’s partisan attacks – we have the funding for the flood wall. Voters in Eastern Iowa deserve a representative that puts them first, and this issue highlights that Rod Blum is the clear choice in this race.”