Far-Left Fred Runs Against His Own Record

Far-Left Fred Hubbell is out with a new ad today chronicling what he would apparently do as Governor. The problem is, Hubbell’s entire ad is running against his own record. Let’s break down Fred’s latest floundering ad:

Fred’s Ad: “I want to see an Iowa where the government is committed to supporting people, giving people the education that they need….”

The Real Story: Under Governor Kim Reynolds, Iowa is investing a record amount in K-12 funding – over $3.2 billion. Under Chet Culver, the Governor that Hubbell served under and who’s now supporting his campaign, Democrats underfunded and cut education by 10 percent across the board.

Fred’s Ad: “…and the job training they need so we can attract higher quality jobs…and if we stop the wasteful giveaways, we could do that. It’s time, we start growing iowa the right way.”

The Real Story: For months, Hubbell attacked the Apple economic development project – which will bring new investments and high quality jobs to Iowa – and called for the end of projects like it. Now that he’s purchased the Democrat nomination, Hubbell has backtracked and admitted he wouldn’t actually end the Apple project.

Fred’s Ad: “I want to see an Iowa where everybody has access to quality, affordable health care.”

The Real Story: Hubbell was “four-square opposed” to the bipartisan healthcare bill passed this year that will give farmers and rural Iowans more affordable healthcare plans – his attacks were so out of touch that even his own running mate voted for it.

Fred’s Ad: “It’s time we put people first in our state.”

The Real Story: Hubbell not only supports higher taxes on Iowans, but he’s even worse for paychecks when you look at his record at Younkers. Hubbell put profits over people when he laid off rural Iowans in stores that were still making money because, in the words of Hubbell’s executives, “Obviously, we get a much better return on our investment in our larger stores.”

“Far-Left Fred Hubbell is spending more millions on the airwaves with ads that run completely against his own record,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “While his ads say one thing, Hubbell clearly thinks something else: his real plan for Iowa is pushing far-left policies, higher taxes, and fewer healthcare options for farmers and everyday Iowans.”