#AbsentAbby Refuses to Be Upfront With Voters

Abby Finkenauer hasn’t been focused on the voters of Eastern Iowa: the bulk of her fundraising is from money outside the state, she’s missed some key grassroots forums, and continues to focus on her national profile. What about the district she’s running in? When it comes to being upfront with voters, Finkenauer is often nowhere to be found.

During his recent visit to IA-01, President Trump talked about the leadership that Rod Blum has brought to Eastern Iowa, including his work to secure flood protection money for Cedar Rapids. But President Trump also asked Iowans to look at “Absent Abby” in IA-01 – for her record of not being upfront with voters.

Let’s take a closer look at how #AbsentAbby has put her political ambitions above representing the voters of Eastern Iowa.

Finkenauer’s absence isn’t just related to the statehouse. It was well known for Finkenauer to skip forums in her primary – sometimes bypassing well-attended Eastern Iowa forums in favor of smaller events with handpicked supporters. When she skipped the only forum in Dubuque near the end of the primary, her opponents complained, one even saying that it was “a continuation of how she has failed to campaign throughout this cycle.”

We can expect Absent Abby to continue to dodge voters this fall: she has yet to accept Rod Blum’s invitation to participate in a debate. If her past is any indication, the voters of Eastern Iowa will be out of luck while she jets off to the next national profile story or next outside fundraiser. Voters in IA-01 deserve better – and we look forward to holding her accountable.