Cindy Axne’s Troubling Investments in Polluting and Toxic Companies

Liberal Cindy Axne has been telling voters she’s looking out for middle-class Iowans and the environment. But today, the Republican Party of Iowa is launching the to uncover the truth about Cindy Axne: Axne has put her money where her mouth is by investing in companies that pollute the environment.

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“The truth about Cindy Axne’s record is disturbing: Axne has profited off of toxic companies that pollute our environment and who have even shot protesters near their sites,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Axne’s troubling investments no doubt put a stain on her record and directly conflict with what she’s been telling Iowans on the campaign trail. If Axne can’t be honest about her background, what else is she hiding from voters?”

For a candidate who prides themselves on their work for the “Governor’s Agenda on Clean Energy and the Environment,” and who constantly talks about wanting to “protect our environment,” we now know that Axne was telling Iowans one thing while doing the complete opposite for her own gain.

From the Axne Files:

Stay tuned… there’s more to come on the Axne files… and remember: the truth is out there