Cindy TaxMe Wants To Raise Your Taxes By Up to $2,900

Before the June primary, Cindy Axne admitted what most Democrats can’t: the Republican tax cuts are actually benefiting small businesses like her own. “You’re right, it absolutely does benefit my business,” Axne told the Des Moines Register Editorial Board. “It’s good to see that small businesses are getting something.”

But if you heard Axne on the campaign trail, she strikes a much different tone: she’s telling fellow Democrats that the Republican tax plan “isn’t working for Iowans.” Axne has even declared that “the first thing” she wants to do is “overturn this Republican tax bill.” Even though she knows – first hand! – that tax reform is benefiting small businesses across Iowa, Axne can’t afford to divert from the DC talking points she’s receiving from her benefactors on the far left. Therefore, Axne’s first act in DC would be to ignore reality and vote with Democrats to raise taxes on 90 percent of Iowans by up to $2,903 – the average tax cut for a typical family in IA-03. Does she think Iowans can afford it?

“Voters would be better served thinking about Cindy Axne as Cindy TaxMe – after all, her first priority is to raise taxes by $2,900 on families in Southwest Iowa,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Voters can’t afford to take a chance on a candidate who puts her political ambitions ahead of the truth. Either tax cuts benefit small businesses like hers, and it’s a good thing, or tax cuts are crumbs – but either way, Cindy TaxMe has a lot of explaining to do.”

In the name of Nancy Pelosi and company, Axne is fighting against her own small business:

  • Axne told Democrats she wants to give small businesses “better tax breaks”– but she admitted that the Republican tax plan is already doing just that.
  • Axne wants to implement changes such as “higher deductions for things like child care expenses” – but she’s ignoring the fact that the GOP tax plan she wants to get rid of expands the child tax credit.
  • Axne wants to cut taxes – but the GOP tax plan she hates is already set to cut taxes for 90 percent of wage earners.