Absent Abby Finkenauer: More Fit for California or New York Than Eastern Iowa

Although Absent Abby Finkenauer claims she’s “not the right candidate for a district in California or New York,” her campaign contributions tell Iowans a different story. Finkenauer’s friends and neighbors only make up eight percent of her total donations. Finkenauer’s got way more friends on the west and east coasts. She’s raised a staggering $170,000 from New York alone and nearly half of her fundraising haul ($494,000) comes from California.

Absent Abby won’t be answering to Eastern Iowa – instead, she’ll be paying back Nancy Pelosi and her other far-left donors to help implement their extreme agenda if given the chance.

“Voters can’t be surprised that Absent Abby Finkenauer’s candidacy has consisted of skipping candidate forums and ducking the hard questions while running for office – she’s been too busy flying to the coasts, raking in cash and cozying up to liberal donors,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “With less than one tenth of her contributions coming from the people who know her the best, Eastern Iowans have to wonder who’s interests Abby will really be looking out for. Eastern Iowans deserve a Representative who will answer to them first, not an aspiring career politician supported by the ‘resistance’ in Hollywood and Manhattan.”

Given that Finkenauer was spotted recently fundraising outside the state alongside Nancy Pelosi and liberal elites, let’s breakdown who’s funding Abby’s campaign:


  • 92 percent of Finkenauer’s campaign contributions have come from outside Iowa’s 1st District
  • Only 10 percent of her contributions have come from other areas of the state – in other words, over 80 percent of Finkenauer’s donations are from out of state
  • Of these out-of-state donations, over $170,000 has poured in from New York
  • In California, she raised almost three times that amount – $494,000
  • All told, more than two thirds of the money Finkenauer has raised has come from New York, California, and Washington, D.C.