In Case You Missed It: Cindy Axne’s Polluting Investments on the Environment Exposed

Cindy Axne is running a campaign completely counter to her own record, including on the environment. Axne wound like to be known as a champion for the environment, but her personal investments reveal she’s been profiting off of big oil and foreign mining companies with troubling records. If Axne can’t be upfront with Iowans now, how can they expect her to be in Congress?

Remember: in the primary, Axne proclaimed she had “thoroughly vetted herself” – but Axne is now denying she knew about the investments, even though they were publicly listed on two separate disclosure forms, one in July 2017 and another from this May. Instead of coming clean on her polluting record, Axne is attempting to distort David Young’s record with the help of extreme far left allies.

Here’s the truth: while Axne continues to claim she’s a fighter for the environment, she neglected to notice that she had been profiting off of companies with troubling records, including foreign companies that had multiple cyanide spills and even shot protesters at their mines. Axne is also still backed by the Sierra Club, which “opposes further deployment of corn-based ethanol.”

In contrast, David Young has walked the walk – not only on supporting the environment, but he’s supporting Iowa’s industries: Young received a Wind Champion award for strong leadership in support of wind energy, was highlighted for his work on water quality, and has fought for the RFS and restoring the biodiesel tax credit.

“Cindy Axne would rather change the subject than examine her own ‘thoroughly vetted’ record, but it doesn’t change the fact that Axne personally profited off of big oil and foreign mining companies with troubling records,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “If Axne can’t hold herself accountable to her own standards on the campaign trail, then how are Iowans suppose to trust her in Congress? If Axne can’t even mind her own pocketbook, how can Iowans expect her to a good steward of their tax dollars? If Axne’s truly sorry, she’ll donate her dirty money to charity.”

Des Moines Register
William Petroski
“Cindy Axne’s personal investments become a public campaign issue in battle against David Young”

Iowa and national Republicans claim Democratic congressional candidate Cindy Axne’s personal investments belie the environmentalist she claims to be. Axne’s campaign said the stocks in her portfolio were selected by her broker and that she’s already gotten rid of them.

The Republican Party of Iowa has said Axne has “troubling investments in polluting and toxic companies.” GOP press secretary Jesse Dougherty points to newspaper stories about Barrick Gold, Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd. and Goldcorp, in which the companies were accused of causing toxic pollution in foreign countries, and a news report that seven protesters were shot outside a mine operated by Tahoe Resources in Guatemala. Records show Axne held investments in all the controversial companies in the past.

“Axne needs to come clean on her dirty record on the environment. She owes that both to Iowans and to the outside groups she’s hoodwinked into supporting her campaign,” Dougherty said.

“Cindy was unaware that her retirement portfolio included stocks in companies that were involved in environmental pollution. As soon as she became aware, she sold the stocks ,” said Madeleine Russak, an Axne campaign spokesperson.

A similar financial disclosure report filed with the House by Young shows no investments in stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Dylan Lefler, Young’s campaign manager, issued a statement defending the congressman.

“Cindy Axne’s blatantly false claims about David Young’s record are pathetic attempts to distract from her personally profiting from investments in big oil, and foreign mining companies that have shot environmental activists and repeatedly poisoned drinking water,” Lefler said.

A spokesman for Young’s campaign notes the congressman has received the American Wind Energy Association’s U.S. Wind Champion Award, and that he has been honored by the Nature Conservancy for his work on water quality. Young’s campaign also says the congressman has worked to strengthen the Renewable Fuel Standard and to support the biodiesel tax credit, and that he has been working on several fronts for water quality initiatives.

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