What Cindy Axne Won’t Talk About in Tonight’s Debate

Congressman David Young is set to debate Cindy Axne for the first time tonight on KMA Radio. As Axne continues to dodge questions on her support for Pelosi’s far-left agenda, her anti-ag record, and why she profited off of polluting investments, we hope this debate will give voters the answers they deserve. But we fully expect Axne to stick to her DC talking points and avoid discussing her troubling record.

What Axne won’t talk about in tonight’s debate:

Her shady investments in polluting companies:

That the tax cuts benefit her small business:

Her taxpayer-funded raise in state government:

Her support for Pelosi

  • In a primary debate in May, Axne claimed she would “support the leader that best supports the values of Iowa.” Axne’s non-answer on this question is attempting to hide the fact that she’s received over $25,000 in contributions from Nancy Pelosi and her allies.
  • Regardless of what Axne says before the election, make no mistake – she would fall in line with DC Democrats and vote for far-left positions including Medicare for All, the $32 trillion healthcare plan that even double-digit tax increases couldn’t pay for.

Her support for policies that harm Iowa farmers