Fred Hubbell’s Doom and Gloom Campaign Meets Reality Tonight

After 15 months of dodging, flip-flopping, and lying, Fred Hubbell’s failed doom and gloom campaign takes center stage tonight at the first IAGOV debate.

“Fred Hubbell’s strategy in this race is taking a tailspin, because Hubbell needs to fight against the fact that Iowa is working,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “We don’t expect Hubbell to be honest with voters and stop his attacks, since he’s got nothing to run on except for wanting to tearing everything down. Hubbell’s not showing leadership, he’s just grandstanding against Iowa’s progress.”

Fred Hubbell has thrown mud at the wall in the hopes that something sticks, including claims that attempt to fool Iowans into believing a different reality. But we have a reality check for Fred Hubbell: Governor Reynolds’ leadership has resulted in great news for everyday Iowans, but bad news for himself. Iowa is working: