Axne’s Appalling Anti-Ag Record Becomes Front and Center

President Trump came back to Council Bluffs this week to announce he’s kept another promise: to approve the usage of E15 year round. This is great news for our ethanol industry and our farmers, building off of the new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada and the effective blockage of the harmful Waters of the US Rule (WOTUS). But the problem for Southwest Iowans is that while Cindy Axne praised the E15 announcement, she can’t be trusted on ag.

“Cindy Axne is so far to the left of Iowa’s farmers that she still supports Obama’s harmful WOTUS rule and is being bankrolled by liberal groups that oppose ethanol production,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Axne can’t have it both ways: on one hand, she’s celebrating E15, but on the other side she’s currying favor with far-left groups and has been critical of corn-based ethanol.

While David Young is endorsed by the Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Farm Bureau, Axne is supported by the Sierra Club, who has consistently opposed the renewable fuels standard (RFS). Last fall, the organization pushed back against the news that the EPA would maintain the current RFS volumes, and “opposes further deployment of corn-based ethanol.”

While Axne celebrates E15 now, in front of her supporters she’s been critical of corn-based ethanol. Axne says that we should switch out corn-based ethanol because “continuing to trade out corn and soybeans is hurting our soil, it’s hurting our water.”

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