RPI Statement on Third Congressional District Debate

RPI Chairman Jeff Kaufmann released the following statement after the conclusion of the Third District Congressional Debate tonight:

“Tonight, David Young showed why he visits all 16 counties in the Third District every month: to make sure he understands this district, its constituents, and their priorities like the back of his hand. Southwest Iowans were reassured tonight that they have a fighter for them in Congress. Whether they are Iowans with pre-existing conditions or defenders of our freedoms, David Young has worked tirelessly to ensure that their voices are heard.

“In contrast, Cindy Axne is the candidate who would take marching orders from DC rather than Southwest Iowa. The fact that Axne – who’s admitted the tax cuts are benefiting small businesses like her own – is now telling Iowans the first thing she wants to do is repeal the tax cuts is appalling. Axne’s positions tonight only confirm what we already know – her candidacy is not set on the district, it’s set on joining her liberal allies in DC. David Young is the only candidate who’s fighting to Southwest Iowa and we’re going to make that message clear from now until Election Day.”