Fred Hubbell’s “Iowa Sucks Campaign” Strikes Out in All Three Debates

The three gubernatorial debates served as three opportunities for Governor Kim Reynolds to talk about the great progress being seen in Iowa, including a growing economy, rising wages, and tax cuts that are putting more money into the pockets of hardworking Iowans. For Fred Hubbell, the debates were three opportunities to sell his “Iowa Sucks Campaign” – but instead, Hubbell struck out.

While there are several moments to choose from, the three debates gave credence to the idea that Fred Hubbell has no clue how he’ll run Iowa – other than raising everyone’s taxes.

Hubbell Will Raise Iowans’ Taxes: After three lackluster debate performances, Hubbell’s tired message was showing. What did Hubbell have left in the tank? Nothing but scare tactics and an underlying agenda that’s wrong for Iowa taxpayers.

Governor Reynolds: “That’s his answer to everything. It’s more government and it’s more money, and I’m telling you: Iowa taxpayers can’t afford Fred Hubbell.”

Hubbell Gave No Specifics, No Plan: In the second debate, Hubbell keep up his claims that he would grow government, but couldn’t find the words to talk about any specifics or how he would do so. That’s because Hubbell has no plan.

Governor Reynolds: “Fred promises everybody everything – I’m not sure how he’s going to fund it…he doesn’t know how he’s going to pay for it. In every single answer, it is about more money…that is code for raising taxes on Iowans. There’s no other way that he can pay for it.”

As reported in KSCJ radio: “But when asked to name two specific things he would change and how to pay for a new health program, Hubbell gave no direct answer.”

Hubbell’s Doom and Gloom Narrative Met Reality: Hubbell showed just how detached his campaign is from reality in the first debate. Hubbell spent most of the night trying to tear down Medicaid, taxes, and the budget, but stumbled in the face of Governor Reynolds’ facts on her record. Hubbell became desperate, saying he was afraid that the state wouldn’t be able to put more money into government, but couldn’t defend how he would exactly do that.

Governor Reynolds added: “‘…We don’t get to print money in Iowa, we have to live within our budget. And the only way you’re going to be able to do it is to raise taxes.”

“You’re just talking about everything people want to hear,” Reynolds said. ‘You’re not talking about how you’re going to fund the system going forward. You’re promising everyone money, money, money, money. But you have no way of telling us how you’re going to balance the budget.”