The Only Thing Rob Sand is Waking Up is his Political Career

Rob Sand likes to say that he’ll “wake up the watchdog” if he is elected State Auditor. But Sand also brushed aside criticisms that he’s unqualified to be State Auditor as “pointless.” Iowa’s State Auditor has been a CPA for nearly 40 years, and the Iowa Society of CPAs says that “a non-CPA [Auditor of State] would not be as qualified to speak to these issues without that common background, knowledge and expertise.”

Sand isn’t qualified to understand the basic fundamentals of the position he’s running for. So what has he done in his own experience to “wake up the watchdog”? Sand likes to tout his work in the Iowa Attorney General’s office and his handling of the state’s public corruption cases, declaring that “most of them fall on my desk.”

If Sand wants voters to examine the casework that fell on his desk, then they should also know that Sand was present in the Attorney General’s office when the largest fraud ever discovered by the state auditor went across his desk – and yet, Sand chose not to act on the case. How will Sand “wake up the watchdog” when he failed to follow through on reported fraud?

By doing her job, State Auditor Mary Mosiman released a fraud report in July of 2015, detailing the largest fraud ever discovered in Iowa history. The perpetrator improperly diverted $1.9 million in collections from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics to his personal accounts. The case was referred to the Johnson County Attorney’s office and the Iowa Attorney General’s office, yet charges were never filed.

“How is Rob Sand going to ‘wake up the watchdog’ when he slept through a startling case of alleged fraud that came across his desk?” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “While Mary Mosiman continues to do her job as the state’s true watchdog, Sand has been caught napping – and now he wants a promotion. Sand is an aspiring career politician looking for the next rung on the ladder instead of putting the taxpayers first. Iowans can’t trust Rob Sand to do the job.”