Cindy Axne Will “Fight for Middle Class Tax Relief” – By Repealing Middle-Class Tax Cuts

Cindy Axne is desperately trying to turn the tables on taxes. Like other fellow Democrats in the home stretch, Axne now says she’s going to “fight for middle class tax relief” in a new ad. Does she think Iowans will forget what she’s been saying throughout the campaign cycle?

The first thing that we need to do when we get out to Congress…is that we need to overturn this Republican tax bill,” Axne told fellow Democrat activists. The first thing Axne wants to do is raise taxes on the Iowans she wants to represent. If Axne doesn’t get her way, a typical family in IA03 will save $2,900 on their tax bill. If Axne gets to join Nancy Pelosi and the other Democrats bankrolling her campaign, their repeal of the tax cuts would bring taxes back up again.

“In the span of just a few months, Cindy Axne went from calling for a full repeal, to praising the tax cuts, to then denying that she’ll increase taxes by repealing the bill – and now, she’s clinging to a desperate message about middle-class tax relief that doesn’t line up at all with her agenda,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Cindy TaxMe is concerned about getting elected, but Iowans should be concerned that she’s hiding the truth about how her first legislative priority will be to raise their taxes.”

Cindy TaxMe’s Timeline on Taxes:

“The first thing that we need to do when we get out to Congress and flip this house is that we need to overturn this Republican tax bill.”

Axne: “You’re right, [The GOP Tax Bill] it absolutely does benefit my business, and so I’m grateful for that as a business owner. 92 percent of the businesses in this country are small businesses and they need support. That’s something that hasn’t happened much, the tax rates been higher, the access to capital’s been limited…so it’s good to see that small businesses are getting something.”

Moderator: “You have said you would not have supported the GOP tax cuts. Doesn’t that mean you would raise taxes?”
Axne: ”I have said I would not have supported the GOP tax bill.” Later, Axne added: “That’s not a tax increase on Iowans.”

Axne Ad: “And as a parent, she knows our families are taxed too much. So she’ll fight for middle-class tax relief.”