Just How Desperate is Fred Hubbell?

Fred Hubbell’s message of leaving no stone unturned when it comes to raising taxes – whether it be through income, property or sales tax – clearly isn’t resonating with Iowans. Just a few days before Election Day, Hubbell decided to flip the script and somehow claim that Governor Reynolds is the candidate who’s going to raise taxes (we can’t believe we’re even writing this)…

“Just how desperate is Fred Hubbell that he’s come to the point where he’s decided to completely ignore the facts? There’s only one candidate in the race for Governor that’s cut taxes, and that’s Governor Kim Reynolds. There’s only one candidate who’s abused the tax system and promised to peel back tax cuts, and that’s Fred Hubbell,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Hubbell knows his message isn’t working and is lying to muddy the waters. But the facts are the facts, and Iowans will see right through Fred’s desperate ploy.”

Forget, for a moment, the fact that Hubbell has been running for governor for more than a year, but waited until the 11th hour to launch this charge. Not only has Hubbell said for months that he thinks the state can’t afford to lower taxes, he wants to get rid of tax credits, and peel back the major tax cuts that Republicans have enacted in recent years. And now he says he’s not the candidate who will raise taxes?

Who’s the candidate to trust on taxes? The proof is in the pudding: Governor Reynolds signed the largest tax cut in Iowa history. Next year, 93 percent of middle-class Iowans will see a tax cut, and when fully implemented, Iowa families will save $1,000 on their tax bill. Fred Hubbell abused the tax system for years, gave tax credits to companies he was personally invested in, took advantage of the same tax credit in two different states, and won’t release his tax returns so that everyday Iowans can see how he paid his own taxes.

Hubbell’s message isn’t resonating, and desperately trying to flip the argument on taxes at the last minute won’t change that fact.