Axne Says One Thing About Ethanol in Public, Another Thing to Her Supporters

President Trump’s announcement that E15 would be offered year-round was met with universal praise. Even Cindy Axne – who criticized corn-based ethanol earlier this year – praised the move this week, saying she’s “firmly behind our ethanol industry…I want to make sure that we grow it.” But this is just another example of Axne thinking she can pull the wool over Iowan’s eyes.

Six months ago, Axne struck a different tone on the topic in front of her supporters – she was highly critical of corn-based ethanol. Axne wants to move away from corn-based ethanol, because in her words, “continuing to trade out corn and soybeans is hurting our soil, it’s hurting our water.” How can Axne say she supports Iowa’s ethanol industry when she secretly says she wants to stop ethanol as we know it?

Axne wants to “move more towards things like algae-based biofuels” and “switchgrass” as opposed to ethanol coming from the top corn producing state in the country.

“Cindy Axne can’t have it both ways: on one hand, she’s celebrating E15 and wants to grow the ethanol industry; on the other end, she’s currying favor with far-left groups critical of corn-based ethanol and wants to end the way we produce ethanol in Iowa,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Axne is far to the left of Iowa’s farmers, and she’s trying to fool Iowans before Election Day because she can’t admit just how out of touch she is with the district.”

Reminder: While David Young is endorsed by the Iowa Corn Growers Association and the Iowa Farm Bureau, Axne supports Obama’s harmful WOTUS rule and is backed by the Sierra Club, who has consistently opposed the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS). Last fall, the organization pushed back against the news that the EPA would maintain the current RFS volumes, and “opposes further deployment of corn-based ethanol.”