Finkenauer Wants to “Get Serious” About The Issues: But Finkenauer Isn’t Serious About Taking a Position

Abby Finkenauer keeps telling Eastern Iowans that it’s time to “get serious” and “get something done.” That sounds great – if the candidate had specifics to offer voters. If Finkenauer truly wanted to get something done, she would be offering Iowans real solutions…instead, the aspiring career politician is still running an empty campaign that doesn’t provide any specifics. Absent Abby is absent on the issues, and Iowans are noticing as the race is trending in Rod Blum’s direction.

Congressman Rod Blum has a successful record of getting results for the first district, and he’s not afraid to let voters know. But Finkenauer often dodges the tough questions, and won’t tell Iowans how she wants to get there.

Absent Abby is Still Absent on the Issues:

On Immigration: Finkenauer wants to “get something done that makes sense.” When pressed on more specifics, Finkenauer said we need to use “use common sense.”

On Entitlement Spending: Absent Abby’s response to a question on entitlements was more of the same empty rhetoric. “It’s something we gotta get serious about as well.”

On Foreign Policy: Finkenauer’s response again had zero specifics: “We should have a plan…the U.S. needs to step up and be better about that and make sure we have plans moving forward as well.”

On Healthcare: Finkenauer publicly hints at a public option, but gets squishy on specifics. “We gotta get serious about healthcare, and we gotta get something done.” With a small group of supporters though, Finkenauer does admit what she sees “working the best” is Medicare for All. Why doesn’t she clear the air in public?

On Climate Change: Finkenauer gives little specifics, saying we need to “be smart about climate change and take it seriously.”

On Waters of the US Rule: Finkenauer acknowledges the issue facing farmers but doesn’t state a position. “It’s something that our farmers take seriously and do care a lot about…we just have to get serious about how are we dealing with this.”

On Impeachment: Even when Finkenauer was asked about whether she would vote to impeach President Trump, she dodged the question, repeating three times that the question was “a complete hypothetical.”

“Absent Abby Finkenauer’s lack of specifics have caught up with her ambiguous campaign, the latest glaring sign in the home stretch for Democrats as she’s avoiding tough questions at every turn,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “If Finkenauer truly wants to ‘get serious,’ she’ll need to finally state her positions on the issues or admit to voters she needs to wait for Nancy Pelosi and company before answering.”