Hubbell’s Plan for Iowa: Raise Taxes, Figure the Rest Out Later

We’re now just a few days away from Election Day and Fred Hubbell is making his final pitch to voters. What will Hubbell be talking about? Even though the state’s economy and wages are growing, the unemployment rate is number two in the nation, and the state’s budget has a surplus, Hubbell still thinks Iowa sucks.

If Hubbell’s not attacking the state’s good news, there’s one and only answer that Hubbell is telling voters: I’m not sure how I’m going to fix what I don’t like, but I will raise taxes as I try to figure it out.

“On every issue, Fred Hubbell comes to the same conclusion: after he raises our taxes, he’s not really sure what he’ll do to keep Iowa moving,” said Jesse Dougherty, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Hubbell is running entirely on tearing down Iowa’s record of success. Iowans should take notice: Hubbell doesn’t know how he’s going to spend your money, but he wants to have more of it so he can figure it all out.”

Hubbell has no plan other than tearing down Iowa’s progress:

On Medicaid: Hubbell can’t tell Iowans how much his plan to completely undo the Medicaid system would cost, or even how he’ll get there given the last system was deemed unsustainable. When he was called out for not telling Iowans any specifics, Hubbell “gave no direct answer” in response.

On Healthcare: Hubbell was extremely critical about a bipartisan healthcare reform plan that provided additional healthcare options for small business owners and farmers – even though his own running mate voted for the bill. In fact, other than dodging a question on Medicare for All, Hubbell has been completely absent on his own ideas for healthcare.

On Tax Credits: Hubbell wants to support small business but he won’t lower the tax burden, and criticizes all tax credits as “corporate giveaways.” In the second gubernatorial debate, Hubbell buckled while in Sioux City and when pressed, said that he would continue a locally supported tax credit program – but he has yet to lay out a comprehensive plan of what tax credits he would eliminate, or explain how he’ll be able to still pay for all of his other plans with the state budget.

On Education: Except for raising education funding to at least three percent every year, Hubbell has been vague about what he would do with the state’s education system.

On Workforce Training: Hubbell says the state needs to focus on “training and apprenticeship programs” – yet fails to give any praise to the progress under Governor Reynolds’ Future Ready Iowa plan that is doing just that.

But there is a plan for Hubbell on taxes: Hubbell wanted Governor Reynolds to veto the income tax cuts, then warned Iowans he would “peel back all those tax cuts.” Hubbell also supports a “claw back” of the historic property tax cuts and supports a sales tax increase. Regardless of what Hubbell says in the last few days, it’s clear his actions on taxes show that he’ll look out for his own while raising them for everybody else.