Axne and Finkenauer Quickly Abandon Iowans, Throw Support Behind Pelosi

Throughout the campaign, Cindy Axne and Abby Finkenauer avoided supporting Nancy Pelosi at every turn. Axne frequently claimed she would vote for “whomever is the best representative for the people here in Iowa.” Finkenauer also dodged the question, at one point saying “no one cares” whether or not she supported Pelosi. But now that the election is over, they have finally come clean: Axne and Finkenauer believe the best Speaker for Iowans is a liberal from California.

Axne was among a handful of newly-elected Representatives to sign a letter pledging unwavering support for Pelosi. Finkenauer, who has notoriously failed to be up-front with Iowans, was more evasive and issued a statement at the last minute. Although they dodged the question on the campaign trail, Axne and Finkenauer didn’t hesitate to back the party boss after arriving in D.C. – and they haven’t even been sworn in yet.

It is unfortunate these two intentionally misled Iowans to win an election; now, their future constituents are stuck with Pelosi’s agenda. Among other far-left agenda items, Pelosi and her allies have promised a “subpoena cannon” in their renewed effort to obstruct and resist President Trump. On the campaign trail, Axne and Finkenauer were vocal allies of Pelosi in opposing the Republican tax bill. Axne said, “The first thing that we need to do when we get out to Congress and flip this house is that we need to overturn this Republican tax bill,” and Finkenauer disingenuously stated that “the tax cuts have benefited the wealthy.” Yet the truth remains that a typical Iowa family saves over $2,500 from the tax cuts.

“Speaker-elect Pelosi’s priorities do not align with the priorities of Iowans,” said Aaron Britt, Deputy Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “By voting for Pelosi, Axne and Finkenauer have already proven they will not be the pragmatic voices in Congress that Iowans demand. Instead of serving the party boss, the Representatives-elect should be listening to their real bosses – the people of Iowa’s first and third districts.”