Rob Sand’s Hallmark Case is Falling Flat

Aspiring career politician Rob Sand loves to talk about himself – especially when it concerns his prosecution of the Iowa Lottery scandal. But even the Des Moines Register has figured out that his “big case” isn’t everything that Sand would have us believe.

The lottery cheaters owe millions in restitution but haven’t paid up, yet they continue to own expensive properties. That is because Rob Sand failed to do what a prosecutor is suppose to do: make criminals pay back their ill-gotten gains.

“During his campaign for State Auditor, Rob Sand would tell anyone who would listen what a great prosecutor he was,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “But the reality is he blew it – in this case, he failed to get a firm sentence or restitution from the people who cheated the Iowa Lottery. Before negotiating a plea bargain, he should have made the cheaters give up their illegal gains – he didn’t. It looks like he was more interested in getting his name in the paper than in doing his job correctly.”


Des Moines Register Exclusive: “2 brothers who pulled off historic lottery scam have repaid virtually nothing despite $2 million in property holdings”

Fox News: “Under Iowa law, Tipton is likely to serve far less than 25 years — probably between three and five years, said Iowa Assistant Attorney General Rob Sand, who prosecuted the case.”

Des Moines Register’s 2015 profile on Sand, discussing his prosecution of the Iowa Lottery case and speculating Sand may run for public office: “Sand declined to say whether he has an eye on any office in particular. But nobody interested in running for elected office should be coy about their intentions, he said.”