CEDAR RAPIDS — Several 2020 Democrats will attend Progress Iowa’s Corn Feed this afternoon, giving them an opportunity to see the positive impact crop farmers have on Iowa’s economy. Unfortunately, candidates will be focused on buttering up caucus-goers, hiding their real agenda that would make corn growers say “Shucks!”

  • In 2017, Iowa exported more than $1.6 billion worth of corn. That’s a whole lot of yellow!

    • The USMCA would foster prosperous relationships with Mexico and Canada & benefit Iowa corn growers, yet Democrats continue stalling and refuse to ratify this historic trade deal.

  • Last year, Iowa produced 2.5 billion bushels of corn — 62% of this supply was used to make ethanol.

    • While the Trump Administration immediately secured E-15 year-round & lifted a ban on summer sales for higher ethanol blends, the Obama-Biden Administration didn’t accomplish this after eight years of being in office.
    • In fact, Biden was “instrumental in orchestrating” blending cuts and pushed to slash the amount of corn-based ethanol refiners must blend.

“At today’s Corn Feed, 2020 Democrats will tout a rainbows and uni-corns agenda, but their actual agenda would cripple Iowa’s agriculture industry. The far-left’s socialist, multi-trillion dollar environmental policies, combined with their inaction on the USMCA, would devastate Iowa corn-growers — and you can take that one to the elevator.” — Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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