Today, just one day before the primary, Theresa Greenfield is relying on Los Angeles Democrats to help her get out the vote by making phone calls for her. And just last week, Greenfield was getting help from NARAL in New York City to also make calls on her behalf. Did these Californians or New Yorkers identify themselves as coastal Democrats when working to influence Iowa elections?

Despite being the handpicked candidate of Chuck Schumer and D.C. special interests, Theresa Greenfield has repeatedly claimed she is a “scrappy farm kid” running to “put Iowa first.” But time and again, her actions prove this is far from the truth. If she is truly running to put Iowa first, why is she relying on coastal liberals for GOTV efforts?

Bottom Line: Greenfield’s campaign is not an Iowa campaign -- with all the outside help she is accepting from LA, NYC, and D.C., it’s clear Iowans can’t trust her to have their best interests at heart.

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