Candidates set to descend on Polk County Steak Fry

DES MOINES -- 2020 Democrats are set to attend the Polk County Democrats’ fundraiser tomorrow, and there couldn’t be more at steak. As the candidates continue beefing over whose extreme proposals go further left, it’s clear this election will be a cook-off between socialism and President Trump’s winning, America First agenda.

2020 candidates have turned themselves into a laughing stock with their outrageous misteaks and out-of-touch proposals:

Whether it’s forcing Americans to eat less cheeseburgers or getting rid of farting cows, Democrats’ rare, half-cooked ideas are struggling to find support. Iowans will certainly take note of their ridiculous hypocrisy -- as they attend a steak fry after pontificating about limiting meat consumption. 

“The Steak Fry will be a great opportunity for caucus-goers to grill 2020 Democrats on their extreme policies that would limit Iowans’ freedoms and liberties,” said Jeff Kaufmann, Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa. “As they continue butchering their positions, it’s clear the Democratic agenda would steer us in the wrong direction.”


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