Rita Hart will end 2020 continuing her shameful pursuit to have Nancy Pelosi, and House Democrats, overturn the will of Iowa voters. 

Last week, Hart filed with the U.S. House of Representatives in a blatant political power move to take the place of congresswoman-elect Miller-Meeks and ignore the will of voters in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. 

Hart easily could have appealed to Iowa courts, but admitted she wouldn’t get the results she was looking for. Now she wants Pelosi to hand her the seat in what Iowa GOP Chairman Jeff Kaufmann calls, “a partisan political power grab.

After Hart’s filing, Iowans learned that she received over $5,000 from two Chinese companies connected to the communist regime. China has been trying to infiltrate the halls of Congress for years, and this comes right after reports that failed presidential candidate Eric Swallwell had gotten entangled with a Chinese spy

This isn’t the only battle Hart is facing right now either. It's been reported that House Democrats are not enthusiastic about overturning certified election results. 

Pelosi has cared about one thing all year - her majority and being re-elected as Speaker. So just how far will she go to make up for her terrible losses in 2020? That’s exactly the question the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board asked before Christmas. 

This race could have been decided by a panel of Iowa judges weeks ago. If she thought her claims had merit, Hart would have filed them with Iowa Court, not taken them to Nancy Pelosi in a purely political process. Hart should concede.


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