DES MOINES, Iowa -- While Ashley Hinson has accepted several debate invitations, including those from KWWL, KCRG, and Iowa’s News Now, Rep. Abby Finkenauer has not agreed to any more debates.

Finkenauer demanded the first agreed-to debate be held late in the evening on a holiday weekend, almost as if she were trying to hide from her constituents. After a weak performance which put her allegiance to Pelosi and her far-left agenda on full display, it appears Absent Abby is trying to dodge any future debates.

Iowans demand transparency from their candidates and elected officials. That is why Hinson has accepted every debate invitation. Meanwhile, Finkenauer is clearly trying to hide her support for the Green New Deal, which she once referred to as a “creative solution,” her support for sanctuary cities and voting against additional funding for border security, as well as voting with California liberal Nancy Pelosi 93 percent of the time.

Bottom Line: Ashley Hinson is eager to have these conversations and defend her strong record of cutting taxes, eliminating burdensome government regulations, and putting hard-working Iowans first. Rep. Finkenauer is trying to hide from her abysmal record, and Iowans will see right through her attempts to blow off future debate opportunities.


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