DES MOINES, Iowa -- Over the last two years, Rep. Abby Finkenauer has repeatedly failed Iowa small businesses. Instead of standing up for them in Congress, she has followed the lead of Nancy Pelosi and out-of-touch East Coast liberals -- supporting higher taxes and crushing regulations -- rather than a pro-business agenda that would help small business owners thrive.

While Iowa businesses were forced to close their doors amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Absent Abby stood by and did nothing as her party bosses held up $250 billion in funding for the Paycheck Protection Program and held unemployment insurance hostage. If Finkenauer would have stood up to her party bosses, many Iowa businesses would have been granted the immediate relief they needed. Instead, she sat silent on the sidelines and refused to help struggling business owners, workers, and families.

If Finkenauer had her way, she would help Pelosi take taxpayer dollars from Iowa businesses to fund far-left ideas like the Green New Deal, a radical environmental proposal with a $93 trillion price tag that would crush rural businesses and communities.

Bottom Line: As Iowa businesses have struggled during the pandemic, Abby Finkenauer ignored their pain. Instead, she has tried to place obstacles in the way of recovery -- higher taxes, far-left climate plans, and holding pandemic relief hostage -- all while playing partisan games. Iowans need representation that is accountable to mainstreet business owners, not more Pelosi puppets.



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