DES MOINES — Elizabeth Warren is back in Iowa for the first time since ducking the Green New Deal vote. Despite hyping up the radical $93 trillion proposal and comparing it to the first moon landing, Warren didn’t vote “aye” — confirming her true colors as a deceitful politician that will say or do anything just to promote herself.

In another stunning display of hypocrisy, Warren claimed she had “zero” sympathy for those caught in the college admissions cheating scandal. Yet she has taken similar actions when she lied about her heritage, falsely claiming to be Native American just to climb the Ivy League ladder.

Elizabeth Warren has made a disgraceful mockery of legitimate Native American ancestry, and she’ll make a mockery of the presidency. Iowans attending Warren’s event will receive a Texas Bar registration card asking the question: Why did she claim to be “American Indian” just to get ahead? We won’t hold our breath waiting for an answer.


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