DES MOINES, Iowa -- Yesterday, Rep. Cindy Axne signed on to Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats’ radical “climate solutions” proposal that would completely decimate Iowa’s ethanol industry.

Among other things, the plan would mandate that all cars be zero-emission in the next 15 years, effectively eliminating the future for Iowa corn growers and ethanol producers. Reminder: Over half of the corn grown in Iowa goes to ethanol production.

While Cindy Axne has embraced this completely out-of-touch proposal -- apparently forgetting she represents more than just Des Moines -- Abby Finkenauer has remained silent despite being part of Pelosi’ leadership team. 

“Reps. Axne and Finkenauer continue turning their backs on rural Iowa,” said Aaron Britt, Communications Director for the Republican Party of Iowa. “Axne has fully embraced this blatantly anti-ag proposal, and Finkenauer’s continued silence is nothing short of a tacit endorsement. They owe Iowa farmers and ethanol producers answers as to why they are so hellbent on destroying their industries.”



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