Cindy Axne left Iowans in the dust to protect Nancy Pelosi last month when she decided not to weigh in on Pelosi's push to overturn the votes of Iowans in the Second Congressional District. It should come as no surprise that Axne is now silent about the crisis at our Southern border. 

We are facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis of her parties' making and yet she hasn't weighed in on:

Securing our nation's border is not only vital to the safety of our country but the health and wellbeing as the global pandemic rages on. Yet, Axne continues to be a rubber stamp for her party's disastrous immigration policies and failed attempts at controlling the COVID pandemic. 

"During campaign season, Axne loves to talk the talk about border security, but when it comes to leading and putting policies in action to secure our border, Axne can't walk the walk," said Republican Party of Iowa Communications Director Kollin Crompton. "As the crisis rages on at the border Cindy Axne continues to hide from constituents. What's it going to take for Cindy to lead?"


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