Iowans all across the state are furious over Joe Biden's decision to transfer an estimated $500 billion worth of student loan debt to taxpayers.

It's a slap in the face to Iowans who did the right thing and paid back their loans in full or those who didn't attend college in the first place. What kind of financial relief do they get? A pat on the shoulder?

What is even more offensive is Cindy Axne's inability to answer press inquiries about the issue.

This morning, Axios Des Moines said, "Axne's campaign did not respond to multiple requests for comment on Biden's order." Zach Nunn went into further detail on his disagreement with Biden saying, "it will devalue existing incentives to draw people into underfilled jobs, like teaching, nursing or the military."

But it wasn't just Axios Des Moines that Axne ignored. The Des Moines Register wrote, "Iowa's only Democrat in Congress, U.S. Rep. Cindy Axne, had not released a statement as of Thursday afternoon."

Axne takes Iowans for granted. She thinks she can cower and hide from answering tough questions.

"This isn't the kind of representation Iowans expect from their elected officials. It seems as if Axne hasn't received her marching orders from Pelosi yet and that she's too afraid to face Iowans," said Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Jeff Kaufmann. "Iowans and the media should be lining up for Axne's next public event, who knows when that is, to demand answers!"


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