DES MOINES -- In yet another powerful rebuke of Chuck Schumer’s interference in the Iowa Senate race, not even sitting Democratic Congresswoman Cindy Axne supports his handpicked candidate for U.S. Senate, Theresa Greenfield.  

Over the weekend, Axne held a meet-and-greet with far-left candidate Kimberly Graham – seemingly endorsing the most radical Democratic candidate in the Senate race.


Axne touted Graham’s run for Senate, saying“I’m excited you guys are out here looking at Kimberly because she’s got a lot of brains, a lot of talent, a heck of a lot integrity and she’s somebody who will always stand up for what’s right when it comes to doing the right thing for the people in this state.”

Confusingly, Axne later admitted that Iowa Democrats may not even take back the Senate or the Presidency. But then she said Democrats can take both back, especially with “great candidates like Kimberly.”

Keep in mind, Kimberly Graham proudly embraces a government-run health care plan that would kick millions of Americans off their private health insurance, supports the $93 trillion Green New Deal, and would repeal GOP tax cuts and raise taxes to pay for her out-of-touch agenda that AOC and the Socialist Squad have embraced.

“Although Cindy Axne represents one of the most vulnerable House districts in the country, she stood by AOC-style candidate Kimberly Graham’s side and encouraged Iowans to support her socialist Senate bid. It’s no wonder that Axne admitted Democrats aren’t likely to win in 2020. Democrats like Cindy Axne, Kimberly Graham, Theresa Greenfield, Eddie Mauro, Michael Franken, and Cal Woods have extreme, radical agendas that are completely out-of-touch with Iowa values.” -- Iowa GOP Spokesman Aaron Britt


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