Once again, Rep. Cindy Axne forgot she represents other parts of the third district besides Des Moines.

In an email to supporters on Independence Day, Axne claimed that parades were “canceled.” While that may have been true for several areas in Polk County, the towns of BedfordNew MarketPatterson, and Truro all held 4th of July parades -- and David Young was there for each and every one of them.

Time and again, Cindy Axne has forgotten about rural Iowa. Southwest Iowans deserve a leader like David Young who will show up for all parts of the third district, not just one of the sixteen counties. 

Bottom Line: Silent Cindy didn’t show up to vote in Congress, and now she isn’t showing up for the rural parts of her district. Iowans are still being kept in the dark as to what, exactly, Silent Cindy has been doing with all of her free time -- she certainly is not doing the job Iowa taxpayers elected her to do.

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